Google-Huawei case: the Mate 30 will be launched without Android

Huawei expects smartphone sales to drop sharply

Despite the 90-day stay granted by the United States, the Chinese smartphone maker will not be able to use the Android license on its new phones.

Image 1: Google-Huawei case: the Mate 30 will be launched without Android

Google has just announced that Huawei Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro will not be able to use Android. The new flagship phones of the Chinese brand will therefore Google applications and services.

The new private Google service phones

A spokesperson for Google told the agency Reuters than Huawei could not use the official Android license on its next phones. This surprising news comes just days after Huawei announced the release of its next flagship 5G compatible device – the Mate 30 Pro.

The 90-day reprieve recently granted to Huawei would therefore not allow the brand to eequipping new products with Google services. The Mate 30, which must be presented on September 18, will therefore be found without Google apps.

Early launch for HarmonyOS?

If this information is confirmed, the company will either delay the release of its Mate 30, or consider another solution. Will she forced to use their HarmonyOS operating system? Huawei CEO said last week, however, that Harmony was not ready to launch on smartphones.

Another alternative would be the use of a open source version of Android. The latter option, however, would deprive the phones of major Google services and applications such as Gmail, YouTube and of course the Play Store.

The Chinese manufacturer may still be hoping to get clearance from the U.S. government. American companies always have the possibility of making license applications during the stay. Sources revealed yesterday, however, thatnone of the 130 requests received in the past two months have been acceptede by the commerce department.

Google, Huawei and the US Department of Commerce did not comment this case at the time of writing.