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Google has already found its new financial director


Just a few days after the announcement of CFO Patrick Pichette's departure, Google has already found someone to replace him: Ruth Porat, the current financial director of the investment bank Morgan Stanley, will take up her new duties on May 26 .

The announcement of the departure of financial director from Google Patrick Pichette surprised observers in early March and the Mountain View giant had given itself six months to find a replacement. Ten days later, it's done.

Ruth Porat "height =" 231 "width =" 180In this key position in the group's organizational chart, a woman will take up the torch. It is indeed the current financial director of the merchant bank Morgan Stanley who will hold the position from May 26, 2015.

Ruth Porat held several positions within the investment bank and managed several large acquisitions for large high-tech groups such as Amazon or eBay, before occupying the position of financial director for the past five years, and therefore during the difficult years of the global financial crisis that started in 2008.

She therefore has expertise in mergers and acquisitions that could serve the interests of the Mountain View group and knows behind the scenes of the North American high-tech sector.

Ruth Porat comes at a time when Google is active on several large technological projects (Internet for the greatest number, connected objects, autonomous vehicles, drones …) which could become the next growth vectors of the group.