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Google Go1.10

Only available for the Indian market at the moment, Google Go is a great app for doing quick web searches while making big savings on its mobile data plan. It includes voice search, a section dedicated to animated GIFs as well as quick access to the weather or Google translation. To install without waiting!

Why choose Google Go?

Google GoAlthough Google applications are installed natively with Android, the American firm is developing a series of applications with the suffix Go such as Google Maps Go or Files Go. The aim is to offer applications that are light in resources and use of mobile data for older devices or for developing mobile networks (especially in emerging countries).

How to install the app?

When writing these lines, Google Go is only available on the Google Play Store for the Indonesian and Indian markets. For other users, it will be necessary to manually install the APK installation file on the Android device.

To do so, simply download the APK and then transfer it to your Android tablet or phone. In your file manager, choose the APK of Google Go and proceed with the installation very easily by following the instructions.

It is therefore quite possible to use Google Go in France even if the installation is not necessarily done through the Play Store.

Its functionalities

Like the Google search tool installed by default, this version stamped Go saves storage space but also its mobile plan thanks to data compression of 40%. It is also devoid of certain features such as the Google Assistant.

Clearly, searches are much faster and can therefore work better even on a 2G network. If you are limited in the amount of data on your phone plan, this can also be a good solution so as not to consume too much.

However, Google Go offers voice search, categories dedicated to animated GIFs and images as well as translation and weather provided by Google. Note in passing that it is possible to add application shortcuts on the main page.

Still under development, this Go version provides research according to the latest trends and news. The interface is very simplistic and allows the user to navigate easily thanks to the large icons on the home page.

Google Go is therefore very interesting today but has little interest in France. Performing a search on Google does not necessarily consume a lot of data and remains accessible without much problem, regardless of the phone used, even if it is rather old.

Nevertheless, the interest is really more important in countries like India or Indonesia or the quality of the network itself, is sometimes much more variable.