Google Find my device can now locate your phone inside buildings

Google’s Find My Device is our go-to recommendation for users worried about losing their phone. The latest update made it even more precise in what is a fairly common scenario: losing your device in a large, cluttered building.

If you lose your device in a complex and busy area such as an airport, shopping mall, or stadium, you don’t have to panic. Google has spent years saving the layouts for complex spaces like this and finally brought these interior maps to Find My Device in the latest update.

While this can be a potential boon in some situations, it’s still not quite magical. After all, Find My Device relies on GPS, which has some margin for error, but it hasn’t yet specified how many of those indoor spaces Google has actually mapped. What is certain is that over time the available buildings will only increase.

Google Find my device
Google Find my device

Have you ever lost your phone in a tall building? Did you manage to get it back? Let us know in the comments.