Google failure: Gmail, YouTube, Drive and Play Store are again accessible

Almost all of Google’s services were down by midday. From half past twelve to two o’clock, it was impossible to use Gmail, Google Drive, YouTube or even Maps. Everything is now back to normal.

Credit: Unsplash

General alert! When Google is down, the whole world slows down. December 14th in the middle of the day, almost all of the American giant’s services were unavailable. The outage lasted just over an hour, starting around 12:30 p.m. and ending just before 2 p.m. As of this writing, Google no longer has any particular concerns.

During this time he was impossible to play a video on YouTube, to access your Google Drive, or even read their emails on Gmail. It was also not possible to access the PlayStore on Android or to build a route on Google Maps. The only thing that still worked well was the search engine. It’s already that.

A global blackout

It seems that the home automation services Nest and Home have also been affected. If you had smart bulbs working through this, you had a good chance of finding yourself in the dark! A failure that affected everyone and all continents. As of this writing, Google has not given a reason for these difficulties, but according to Down Detector, they are well finished since the beginning of the afternoon.

The failure put us in front of a major problem: what do we do without Google? Whether for emails, browsing, storing (often important) documents or simply for music via YouTube, we have become completely dependent on the services of the Californian giant. Most of us have indeed been unable to work. The outage only lasted an hour, yes, but what if it had lasted all day, or even a week? The services are now functioning as before. Hopefully this is a unique case.

But it was a good excuse to play Cyberpunk 2077 instead of work, right?