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Google Earth8.0.2

Stellarium, the Google Earth of stars!

You were fascinated by [logiciel:14069] ? Hypnotized by [logiciel:14783] ? You’ll love Stellarium! Whether you are fond of astronomy or just curious, this free software is so well designed and intuitive that you are bound to fall in love with it. What is it about ? To observe the stars from your PC. Nothing extraordinary until then, other software already allowed you. The interest of Stellarium lies in its realization and its interface. The software places you in the heart of a panoramic view in real time: the position of the sun follows the exact time. If you launch Stellarium in the middle of the day, a bright sun illuminates the sky. You can freely rotate the “head” with the mouse and zoom with the scroll wheel. Do you want to observe the stars without waiting for nightfall? Speed ​​up the time with the fast forward controls at the bottom right! First shock: the sun moves under your eyes. Return to real time with the “play” button. The view of the stars is breathtakingly realistic and displays the names of the main stars or planets you come across. You can then zoom at will, for example on Saturn, until displaying a correct view of the planet (we are not yet at the “Google Planet” level precision). Zoom back, wander from star to star … Fascinating, but that’s not all since in the image of [logiciel:14069], you can activate or deactivate certain layers: the atmosphere, the ground, the meridians, the geometry of the constellations, but also their “artistic” representation in superposition. The options also allow you to change the landscape and opt for example for a snowy view. A search engine is also available and sends you directly to the planet or the seized star. The icing on the cake: the possibility of saving screen photos.