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Google Earth now allows you to observe the paintings on your smartphone

Google Earth now allows you to observe the paintings on your smartphone

Google Earth now allows you to observe the stars, the Earth from space and the Milky Way from your smartphone. A new update of the Android and iOS application offers users to zoom up to 48,000 kilometers above the blue plant. Discover allnovelties.

google earth smartphone canvas

Google released a major update at the end of January 2020 on the mobile version of Google Earth. The Google Earth mobile application now offers a broad view of our web universe Google explains in a press release on its blog. This option was already offered on the web version of Google Earth, specifies the firm.

To visit the paintings around the Earth, just zoom in as much as possible. Google Earth allows you to climb up to an altitude of 48,000 km. this height, you will have a breathtaking view of the Earth and the Milky Way. To develop this new function, Google relied on the images captured by the Astral Europen Observatory. The location of each canvas is therefore perfectly authentic. Google Earth shows the paintings as they appear a space explorer, promises Google.

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Google Earth now displays weather

That's not all. Google has also incorporated a new functionality to the app. Google Earth is now capable ofdisplay the cloud cover of a region or a city especially in the last 24 hours. of the animated clouds are visible on the app, allowing you to follow the weather in a location with great precision.

All of these new features are currently available in the Google Earth app on Android as well as on iOS. What do you think of the new Google Earth options? We await your opinion in the comments below.

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