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Google Earth is finally compatible with Firefox, Edge, and Opera

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Google Earth is finally compatible with Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera web browsers, Google announces. Since 2017, the web version of the mapping service only worked with Chrome, Google’s browser. After three months of testing, Earth finally opens up to competing solutions thanks to the standard WebAssembly.

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Over the past five years, we’ve set out to offer Google Earth as many browsers as possible Google says in a blog post posted on Medium. However, Google Earth has only worked with Chrome since 2017. This year the Mountain View company traded Google Earth desktop app against an interface only accessible on the web.

When launching this interface, Google relied on the Native Client (NaCl) technology, a solution reserved for Chrome. It was the only way to make sure that Earth would work well on the web. Much has changed since that time continues the research glove.

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6 months ago, Google decided to abandon the sandboxNaCl software against WebAssembly, a web standard for executing code on the web with performance equal to native applications. Switching to WebAssembly allows Google Earth to run on Firefox, Edge and Opera. After months of in-house testing, the firm finally rolled out the new iteration of Google Earth. To access it, simply go to the Google Earth site.

Safari is still incompatible at the moment

We still have work to do. know how to refine our experience on all these browsers and add support for Safari admits Google. Safari, the default web browser for iPhone, iPad and Mac, still doesn't allow Google Earth to work. On Safari, the page always displays this message: Small problem GoogleEarth is not compatible with your browser. It’s obviously onlya matter of time before Safari is compatible with Earth.

Source: Medium

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