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Google Duo1.0

Extremely simple to use, Google Duo works without a hitch and has the advantage of working on both Android and iOS, unlike a Facetime which is limited to the Apple universe. The Toc Toc mode offers a unique charm and allows you to break with the usual formulas agreed to start communication. Duo is not currently intended to replace other multimedia communication tools from Google like Hangouts.

Developed by Google, the Duo application uses your phone number as an identifier and makes it very easy to make video calls from one phone to another. Its use is free but if the communication will consume Internet connection data if the user is not connected to a WiFi network.

After registration, Duo will scan your address book to locate the contacts who have the application. From there, a single click on the desired contact allows you to initiate a video call. In communication, the application allows you to switch from one camera to another. It also knows how to manage the transition from WiFi to a mobile network, so that exchanges are not interrupted. The image quality will vary depending on the speed of the connection, on an adaptive model.

Duo presents a small original feature compared to its competitors: a mode called Toc Toc allows you to see the image of its correspondent displayed as soon as the phone starts to ring. In other words, we see the person calling us, live, before we even pick up the phone. It is possible to deactivate it in the options.