Google Drive improves its mobile search tool

Google Drive has welcomed a new update on mobile that will come in handy. Its search engine has indeed been greatly improved and is now closer to that on PC. An improvement that makes it easier to find a file at a time when Drive is used more and more by companies during these teleworking periods.

google drive delete files inactive accounts

Google Drive welcomes a new update, both on iOS and Android. This improves the search engine, making it closer to what we find on PC. An improvement that seems anecdotal, said like that, but which is important.

Indeed, on your smartphone, it is now possible to see previous searches made on other platforms. Likewise, when you start to type text, an automatic suggestion appears below the window, as is the case with Google’s search engine, for example.

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These intelligent suggestions thus allow to find a specific file or document more easily, without having to navigate your organization tree by sight. This will save a lot of time, especially since Drive has been used more and more in recent months.

Google Drive more and more in demand

Indeed, the pandemic has resulted in to democratize teleworking, and therefore the tools necessary for its application, such as Drive. Some people see the documents multiplying in their storage service and the search becomes more and more complicated over time. This is where this new update comes into play, which should make life easier for many users.

Google is also trying to clean up so to provide optimal service. A few weeks ago, the Mountain View firm announced that the documents presented on accounts that have been inactive for two years now will be deleted in order to make room on the servers.

The update is available on iOS and Android, but you may not have it on your smartphone yet. As usual, this will be done in waves and you should have it later in the day, if you haven’t already.