Google Currents, a new Flipboard alternative

Google Currents, a new Flipboard alternative

Google unveils its new application today Google Currents for Android and iOS. The Application allows the aggregation of various media content on the web and therefore poses as a Flipboard alternative.

Google Currents, only available on the US App Store, searches to align with the great success of the Flipboard app, which is free and available everywhere. The principle is exactly the same: enter some sources of information, those you regularly consult for example, and the application formats everything for more pleasant reading on a mobile terminal in the form of a personal digital magazine.

You can add your sites using the huge Google database. By default, Google Currents offers a few sites selected by the company, but also a Google+ feed, or a list of RSS feeds listed on a Google Reader account. 80 partners are announced including CNET, AllThingsD, Forbes, The Huffington Post, all English-speaking and available only in the US. Google Currents is already available for free download from the App Store and Android Market, but only for users dowries of an American account on these platforms.

The rendering is optimized for tablets and smartphones, and allows content to be loaded so that it can be read offline, while displaying photos and other related videos.

If you’re the author of a site, Google allows you to significantly change the way your site appears inGoogle Current. UsingGoogle Currents producer (with Chrome only), you can add your RSS feed, but even organize your site based on other sources of information like YouTube or Google+. Google even offers to modify the appearance of a particular article or even add statistics tracking using Google Analytics. We can conclude that for content creators,Google Currents is more interesting than its competitors.

Presentation of Google Currents:

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