Google could invest in Jawbone and its UP bracelets

The search giant and publisher of Android systems and the environment Android Wear, would be in discussion with the manufacturer of connected activity tracking bracelets Jawbone to make a strategic investment.

The negotiations would only be at a preliminary stage and it would not be an attempted acquisition but rather a minority takeover among other investors. This would allow Google to have access to a manufacturer of connected objects which could lead to partnerships for the development of applications or gadgets.

Jawbone UP

Jawbone is one of the historic players in the market and its latest products were well received at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, recalls the site Re / code, even if the company also experienced some difficulties with certain versions of its flagship product , the UP bracelet.

Jawbone presented at the beginning of the year the bracelet UP3 equipped with numerous sensors for measuring activity and physiological parameters, the data of which can be collected by several environments, including that of Apple, HealthKit.

As the company is not yet profitable, it continues to seek to raise funds from investors and strategic funds, especially since competition has intensified sharply over the past two years.