The end of spoilers thanks to Google?

Google clips satellite pages

The most used search engine in the world continues its sweep by making modifications to its algorithm for ranking results.

Google-new-logo-possibleTo fight what is considered spam, Google will hunt for so-called satellite web pages and encourage webmasters not to use them. And it is better to comply since the recalcitrant sites will be penalized in the Google ranking.

Satellite pages are used and specially designed to artificially improve the ranking of a site in search results without showing relevant information. They are generally not related to content on the site itself and respond to specific requests.

"Satellites harm Internet users because they can cause many similar pages to appear in search results. So, by clicking on each result, the user is always redirected to the same destination. Satellites can also lead Internet users to intermediate pages that are not as useful as the final destination "

, writes Google.

Instructions are therefore given for webmasters. The change in the ranking algorithm will be made " soon ". He should " make a noticeable difference for sites with large and well-established satellite campaigns. "

If webmasters are going to cringe with the satellite trick that will be forgotten, Internet users will appreciate by cons necessarily. Google often indicates that it works primarily for the good of its users … even when data protection or competition authorities come to tap on its fingers.