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Google Chrome

Google Chrome for Android is like other Google applications, it has a simple, refined interface and integrated Google services. Among its strengths, note the simplified mode to save mobile data as well as the synchronization of data and even tabs on all devices. A must for Android!

Natively integrated and by default on Android devices, Google Chrome is the benchmark web browser on mobile devices. Fluid, simple and above all efficient, this browser is distinguished by the many integrated Google tools and services that simplify navigation.

A fluid and intuitive web browser

On the navigation side, Google Chrome offers classic features such as tab management, private browsing, favorites, download manager as well as detailed browsing history with integrated search engine.

The browser also offers the display of search results when typing for faster access to the most visited pages. Always to access the essentials, Chrome offers a “New Tab” page with favorites in the form of badges and article suggestions from Google.

To navigate with peace of mind, Chrome has a simplified mode that saves mobile data. The latter compresses videos, images and text for smoother and faster navigation if the mobile network is insufficient.

Integrated Google services

Google is of course the default search engine and offers its voice search function. Just say your search by voice when traveling or driving.

The Google Translate service is also integrated into the browser, just select text on a web page to access the Translation which is displayed as an overlay. In the same register, selecting a text also allows you to quickly search for the selection on Google.

Synchronize data on all devices

Google Chrome on Android also offers data synchronization across all devices. By connecting to his Google account on PC, Mac, tablets or smartphones, the user can synchronize favorites, history, passwords, Chrome settings and especially recent tabs. This last function is very practical to continue your web browsing on different devices.