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Google Chrome will block unsafe downloads soon

On Chrome, risky downloads will soon be systematically blocked. Google has just unveiled a detailed and progressive plan of the actions that will be taken in the coming months at the browser level. The goal is to protect users from downloads that may contain malware and other forms of danger.

Chrome tackles unsecured downloads

Today, we are announcing that Chrome will gradually ensure that secure pages (HTTPS) only download secure files, read a blog post from Joe DeBlasio, a member of the Chrome security team. . A series of steps will be taken gradually over the next versions of the browser.

Google will first start broadcasting alert messages. It will start from Chrome 82 expected in April and from Chrome 83 for Android and iOS, then the browser will automatically prevent certain types of files from being downloaded. Then, and gradually, it will systematically block all files at risk from Chrome 86.

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What downloads are considered unsafe?

These are files from mixed content. In other words, unsecured downloads initiated from HTTPS pages. These types of files pose a risk to user security and privacy, Google said in its post. For example, unsecured downloaded programs can be replaced by malware

In addition, legitimate files downloaded in the wrong way can also pose a risk. Another example: third parties can read user bank statements that are downloaded in an unsecured manner. To address these risks and protect users, Google plans to block these downloads in Chrome.

The firm will initially attack the executables, that is to say to the extension files .exe, .apk, etc.. who represent the greatest risk. An alert message will be broadcast on the browser in Chrome 82, then these files will be systematically blocked in the following version. Google will then come to .zip, .iso files before blocking pdf, docx and other document formats which are one of the most common vectors of malware spread.

Finally, image, audio and video files in Chrome 86 will come. This will be the last step in the plan, which marks the blocking of all types of files on the browser. According to Google’s plans, this version is expected at least October 2020.

Google Chrome: unsecured downloads