Google Chrome integrates voice recognition

Google Chrome integrates voice recognition

Image 1: Google Chrome integrates voice recognition

In a few years, Chromium has come a long way: from a small tool, admittedly very fast, but devoid of advanced functions, it has risen to the status of reference browser, one that knows how to innovate and evolved according to the competition (just like Opera and Firefox do, story to not offend anyone). Version 25 of Chrome, currently in development, brings one of these innovative functions: speech recognition.

The application is now able to interpret certain voice commands, and can for example compose an email dictated out loud. This new feature, called Web Speech API, was announced in October by Google and uses JavaScript. Its specifics, dedicated to developers, can be viewed on this page. You obviously have to have a microphone or a webcam on your machine to enjoy it. A first demonstration of the API is available at this address. Those who wish to test the function in question must install the beta version Chrome, or Canary edition browser. The results are for the moment rather moderate: if the API recognizes perfectly certain words however complex, it happens to be mistaken on others yet very simple and clearly stated. In addition, it is better to speak slowly, the API tending to forget certain words along the way when the speed is too steep. But for a start, it’s pretty good start.

Image 2: Google Chrome integrates voice recognitionWeb Speech APIAmong the other new features in this 25th edition of Chrome, note that all extensions that do not come from the Chrome Web Store are now disabled by default on Windows, as Google had planned to do a few weeks ago.

Download Google Chrome in its 25 beta version.Download Google Chrome in version 26 Canary.