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Google Chrome can analyze computer demand

Like a dedicated security tool, the Google Chrome browser is capable of performing on-demand analysis of a computer to search for malware, but also other unwanted software as defined by Google.

These unwanted software can be applications installed insidiously, applications that transmit private information without the user's knowledge, or more generally software with so-called deceptive behavior.

Bleeping Computer explains that to do this, open the Chrome browser, then type "chrome: // settings / cleanup" in the address bar. The user then has access to the parameters below. It only remains to launch the search.


It should be noted that this is not a simple detection. The deletion is also part. If necessary, information can be sent to Google if desired. This will in particular improve the definitions used by the Chrome Cleanup tool.

All this is indeed related to the announcement at the end of 2017 concerning the integration and deployment of Chrome Cleanup in Chrome on Windows, and the use of the ESET detection engine. Still, Google stresses that this is not a substitute for a general-purpose antivirus and real-time protection.