Google Chrome: 10 years already!

Google Chrome: 10 years already!


– "Chrome seduces however for its innovations" Chrome is based on the free chromium software which has interesting technical qualities. No word on chromium. After that is added the specifics of chrome which aims to be intrusive and to track the user. No hint.

– "These are the regular updates of Chrome that will allow it to attract more and more users". Argument not admissible. The basic user does not know which version it is, and makes fun of knowing as long as it works.

– Firefox is "a gas factory": why? What is he doing that is useless?

– "Chrome has also moved to decline in OS (Chrome OS)" These are two completely different things.

– "in order to give birth to a new hardware range (ChromeBooks)." and an insert with an advertisement for a chromebook product at Amazon!

You seem to be forgetting the essentials: for a long time, on the main Google search page, there was an insert "install Chrome to navigate faster". The basic user will click, install chrome, and will no longer know how to remove it. The chrome market share is therefore mainly due to the policy of force made by Google.

– "… to attract more and more users" Users are not attracted but their. Chrome is designed to be an invasive product and spy on its user. It’s Google’s self-interest, and what’s the default browser on Android, the primary mobile phone OS? chromium. Everything is done to manipulate basic users.

This article presents chrome in an attractive way, omits its origin, its attacks on private life, and its policy of forceful and progressive implementation. So it seems to me in bad faith, it's heartbreaking.