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Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a free, complete and ideal Android application for planning your personal and professional timetable. It allows you to efficiently group calendars and offers good task management. An app to have on hand!

Calendar app stamped Google:

Google Calendar is a free Android application for scheduling and managing tasks. It offers the user the means to gather several calendars and to synchronize their data with their GMail account to have all the appointments, meetings and important events on hand.

Its functionalities:

Beyond the simple management of appointments, this application gives an overview of upcoming events. For each of them, it is possible to add a location, guests, a note, an attachment as well as a reminder notification. View Planning offers the possibility of adding images and maps within a calendar.

Google Calendar goes further and offers the addition of personal objectives that the application will automatically plan according to the user’s schedule. This allows time to be reserved for learning a language, practicing a sport or going to an artistic or cultural activity.

In addition, the Google app is able to add holidays, birthdays as well as the entire contents of the device calendar or other accounts like Exchange. One option even offers the possibility of directly importing hotel reservations, concert tickets or flight reservations directly from the GMail account.

A clear interface:

Google Calendar is a model of simplicity thanks to the different views available, the rapid addition of new events and an intuitive French interface.