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Google Calendar: how to stop spam?

Are you overwhelmed by Google Calendar app notifications? What if it was spam or a hacking attempt? Learn how to spot and delete these by following the directions below.

google agenda stop spam

For some time, clever little ones have figured out how to hijack Google Calendar notifications to spam us. These links are, at best, used to advertise. And in the worst case, they are sent to try to hack us.

In addition and recently, some users have seen an increase in the number of these notifications due to the sending of invitations to your Gmail address. How to stop these spam on your Google app without blocking its notifications? This is what we will see with the method below.

How to choose and secure your mailbox?

Strengthen the security of Google Calendar in the settings

To get started, open the Google Calendar app and go to the menu. Select the parameters.

google calendar settings

Then click on Events added from Gmail :

google calendar events

And from the submenu, deactivate this same option Events added from Gmail :

gmail events

Once this option is disabled, you must now hide the events in your calendar. This is to prevent them from polluting your schedule. To do this, go back to the previous menu and click this time on General :

events settings google calendar

Turn off the display of refused events this time:

google calendar events display

Once these two options are set correctly, you should have no problem.

Other anomalies related to your Google Calendar application? Our Mobile Experts can help you on the forum.