Google Calendar: how to add the matches of the World Cup your calendar

Google Calendar: how to add the matches of the World Cup your calendar

You do not want to lose a crumb of the 2018 World Cup? Throughout the competition, view upcoming matches directly in your Google Calendar – this is probably one of the best ways to miss none!

Getting a second canvas on the jersey is the goal of Didier Deschamps and his team for this World Cup to start in Russia. If the Group C in which the Team of France is located seems affordable on paper, it will be necessary to remain vigilant and to avoid any discontent, as it was the case in 2002 or more recently in 2010 in South Africa.

One click and the turn is played

Before you can get all the World Cup matches on your Android smartphone, you'll need to go through the browser version of Google Calendar first. If you're already connecting your Google Account to the browser, it's easy to add World Cup matches to your calendar. All you have to do is click on the following link. It opens the Google Calendar and you just have to confirm that you want to add the World Cup calendar to your calendar.

androidpit world cup calendar
Press "Add" and all 2018 World Cup matches are already in your calendar. AndroidPIT

Add a new calendar manually

It is also possible to manually add a new calendar to your calendar. left of the screen, click on the right arrow of Other Diaries. Choose Add by URL. Copy and paste this link:


You can then go to the Settings in your Google Calendar app to view the calendar. If it does not appear, synchronize. In the calendar settings, you can also always customize several details, if the calendar must be private, colors, notifications …

androidpit FR world cup agenda
Google Calendar is full of options to customize its calendar. AndroidPIT

Do not forget the smartphone

Whether by link or manually step by step, you have now added the calendar with the matches of the World Cup. The good news is that the calendar is automatically updated. However, there is one last tap so that World Cup matches appear on your smartphone.

Open the Google Calendar app on your smartphone and in the settings select the account you linked to the World Cup calendar. This should appear at the bottom of the list.

If you already have multiple calendars in your account, you may need to press More diaries. Then choose the 2018 World Cup calendar and click on Synchronization.

androidpit FR google calendar
In Google Calendar settings, you need to think about synchronizing the World Cup calendar. AndroidPIT

Are you going to follow the 2018 World Cup?

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