Google Assistant wishes you a happy new year in song

What could be better than starting the new year with a song? Google will be happy to hum a catchy tune to you if you say the words “Hey Google, sing me the New Year’s song”. One way like any other to forget all the worries of 2020 before embarking on 2021.

Google assistant

This year, Google Assistant has gone to great lengths to support its users during the difficulties encountered. Several features have appeared on the application, in particular for make teleworking more pleasant, like the possibility of being aware of everything that is happening in the office when you are away. Recently, it acquireda cute new voice command like any to prepare for the coming year.

By pronouncing “Hey Google, sing me the New Years song”, you will bring up the Times Square Ball, the famous installation in the heart of New York, whose goal is clearly to make you forget all your worries of 2020. A robotic voice then begins to sing lyrics filled with hope and optimism. “I hope we all prosper / Kindness, love and laughter / Let all of this be our guide”.

New Year’s song is available now

Google Assistant has therefore obviously learned to push the song during confinement, even if his clearly synthesized voice gives a somewhat artificial to all. The accompanying electronic melody obviously reinforces this impression that an AI has been programmed to learn to compose music in a relatively short period of time. Note that there are specific versions depending on the user’s geographic area.

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The magic operates all the same, and we can only advise you to program all your objects connected to the voice to listen to this song in all your interior. You can now discover the full song on your devices equipped with Google Assistant, or you can choose to wait until January 1 at midnight, just to mark the passage to the new year in song and finally leave 2020 behind you.