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Google Assistant: Watch the new Ambient Mode in action

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The new Ambient Mode of Google Assistant is displayed in video. Ambient Mode transforms the lock screen of your smartphone into a real information terminal: mto, calendar, notifications, and controls connected objects. This feature was already available on Google's Smart Displays and on some Lenovo and Nokia tablets.

ambient mode video

Google has released a new video that shows the Ambient Mode of the Google Assistant in action. As a reminder, the Ambient Mode makes it possible to transform the lock screen of your smartphone (when it is in charge in particular) in an information terminal and a control panel : mto, calendar, notifications, and controls of connected objects. This feature was presented for the first time at the IFA held in Berlin in September 2019.

Ambient Mode promises to be rather intuitive and promising, failing to be original because it offers features that can be found on a Google Nest Hub for example. In practice, Ambient Mode can inform you of the schedule of your next appointment, you display your different notifications, your incoming mails, and you can directly dye or turn on your connected bulbs. Everything will be on the lock screen of your tablet or smartphone.

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If you want to try the Ambient Mode, it will unfortunately take his trouble. For the moment, we know only four compatible devices:

The video does not say if Ambient Mode is actually available for these devices, and if and when the feature will arrive on other smartphones and tablets. It specifies, however, that Ambient Mode will initially be accessible from selected by Googlerunning Android 8.0 or later. Google has not given more precision. According to the manufacturer, the Ambient Mode was deep in Android,which means that Google could easily deploy scalable functionality on many devices.

Source: The Verge