Google Assistant reads it out to you

Google Assistant reads it out to you

At the start of the year and as part of CES 2020, Google made a few announcements regarding Google Assistant. Among these announcements, an upcoming novelty on Android smartphone (Android 5 or more) with Read It functionality.

The subject is a reading aloud of the text displayed on the screen through the Google Assistant with a voice command of the type "Ok Google, read this" or "Ok Google, read this page". This concerns web and text content in the Google app, the Chrome browser or the Google News app.

Google today indicates that this Read It functionality for Google Assistant is being deployed and with the possibility of translation into around 40 languages. The text being read is highlighted on the screen and the user can further adjust the reading speed.

As for websites, Google specifies that there is nothing special to do for support by functionality. Webmasters can nevertheless use the nopagereadaloud tag so that their content is not taken care of.

For their mobile applications, developers can add the ability to read aloud from Google Assistant with Actions.