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Google Assistant: how to prevent your conversations from being recorded?

You say a lot to your Android device. Make sure he doesn’t hold them back.

Google voice recording smartphone google home

Have you just purchased a Google Home speaker? Do you frequently use your Google Assistant to browse the Internet, launch a video or write an SMS? Note that Google records your audio requests and that they are accessible via your history.

From the moment you activate your assistant via the request ” OK Google “, Your Google Account can remember what you ask or say when it is asked. Each request appears in the history of your audio activities. History that you can view via the Google account associated with your devices.

How do I know what Google is recording?

To access the history of your activities, identify yourself on Google and go to this page.

google activities

Then scroll down until you reach the section Voice and audio activity. Then click on the option Manage history.

manage google history

You can then find all your voice commands classified by date, application and device (example: Google Home). You will also be offered to listen to these voice commands again by clicking on the function. Read.

read google voice commands

How to delete your audio history?

You don’t want your request history to fall into any ear? Erase it. To do this, look for the option Delete activity top left of the page Voice and audio activities.

From then on, you have the option of erasing your last orders or the entire history. In the drop-down menu Delete by date, select the period concerned. Finally, click on the option Remove.

delete google history

How to permanently deactivate the recording of your Google requests?

If you are a new user, your voice activities are suspended by default by Google. Otherwise, you will have to go to the activity management page. Search the section again Voice and audio activity. Slide the blue cursor to the left to stop memorizing your requests and confirm your request by clicking on Deactivate. Your history will remain empty unless you wish to reactivate it.

deactivate ok google

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