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Google Assistant Go (.APK) 1.8

Although Google Assistant Go is less provided in functionality than its big brother, the application perfectly fulfills its role of voice assistant on basic functionalities, such as making a call, sending an SMS or then obtaining the weather forecast. No more is asked of a voice assistant capable of operating on a smartphone with less than 1 GB of RAM.

Google Go Promo Screen

What is Google Go?

Present, by default, on all Android Go smartphones, Google Assistant Go is a light version of the voice assistant from the Mountain View company.

Aimed at low-cost smartphones under Android Go, Google Assistant Go is optimized to consume the least amount of resources possible while retaining many features.

What can I do with Google Assistant Go?

In this perspective of saving resources, if it is not possible to interact with certain connected devices such as Google Home, or even to perform certain actions such as reminders, the user may however:

  • Make a call
  • Send messages
  • Geographical navigation
  • Weather
  • Answer the questions
  • Play music