Google (Android) allows you to discover your future car in 3D thanks to augmented reality

Google has added a new feature that should appeal to car fans: the ability to view a 3D model directly in Google Search on Android. For the moment, this feature only concerns a limited number of models and is not available in France.

Google AR

Google has added a nice new feature to its search engine: the ability to admire a car in 3D directly on your phone. The thing happens on Android: you are looking for a car model and its card appears. A new tab is then proposed to see the vehicle in 3D.

It is thus possible to admire the vehicle from all seams and to turn around. Convenient to see the smallest details, especially at this time when it is difficult to go out to choose your car at the dealership. The application allows several nice things, like to choose live color or to use augmented reality. With the camera of your smartphone, you can therefore have an idea of ​​what your garage will look like with your future car. It is also possible to go further, since the interior of the vehicles is also modeled, in order to know all its details before even seeing it in real life.

Very limited functionality

The arrival of this feature is nice and already exists for other topics. It is for example possible to see animal models in 3D by going directly through the search engine. Regarding vehicles, use is currently very limited. Only 250 cars are displayed in 3D. Models released in 2020 or planned for 2021. Likewise, European users do not yet have access to this nifty little feature that is only available on Android. However, no need to download an additional application to use it, everything is done by that of Google.

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There is no doubt that Google will democratize it in the future and that a number of vehicles will be integrated over the months. It will then be natural to go look at the cars in 3D on Google, just for fun or to decide before a crucial purchase.

And you, would you be interested in using this kind of small application? Tell us in the comments !