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Google and Apple refuse to delete app tracking Saudi women


Posted: March 5 2019
Updated: March 4, 2019

by Steve

If you are an avid reader of World is Small, you have already heard ofAbsher, an application available in Saudi Arabia on the stores of Google and D’Apple. This software allows a man to control the movements of women in their family. Indeed, in Saudi Arabia, a father, a brother or a husband must vouch for a woman so that the latter can move.

Saudi Arabian woman - Google and Apple refuse to remove the app that tracks Saudi women

Absher is the perfect tool for tracking down Saudi women. Husbands, brothers and fathers can in fact receive an alert when wives try to leave the country. The availability of this application on theApp store and the Play store is rather contradictory, compared to the great speeches served by the Californian multinationals, which advocate living together and equality for all.

And when the controversy broke out, the world believed that Google and Apple would react: but no. Apple hides in silence. Google, meanwhile, has said it will not remove the app from the Play Store since it does not violate any terms of service. A decision that opposes the request of the United States Congress, which had ruled that Google and Apple were “accomplices of oppression” female. To see if the media coverage of their refusal to react and the various condemnations of state institutions will push the two digital giants to sanction Absher.