Google Adds Shortcuts for Assistant Routines: Learn How to Use Them

Google has updated its voice assistance application allowing you to place shortcuts on the Android home screen to the Routines you use most often, or even every day. This very practical function is already available on some devices. Here’s how to find and activate it.

google assistant routine shortcut 1

In 2018, at its annual conference dedicated to developers, Google presented the new features of Android 10, including the “Routines” of Assistant. Basically it is the Android version of the famous Siri Shortcuts presented by Apple the same year during WWDC. As with digital well-being tools, the two firms had the same ideas at the same time.

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The purpose of the Assistant Routines is toautomate daily tasks. You choose the actions to be taken. You also choose when the routine should be triggered and how often. It is a complete and complex system of automatic tasks which precisely aim to make them less tedious.

However, even though the system is relatively sophisticated, some tasks cannot be started automatically. To do this, you need to wake up Google Assistant and say a phrase like ” OK Google, start such a routine Or, if you are not alone in the room (and have some difficulty speaking to a virtual assistant in the presence of other people), enter the name of the routine in the interaction field. To make this even easier, Google has developed a function that allows you to create a shortcut to a routine.

It could not be easier. Here are the few steps required to create a shortcut:

google assistant routine shortcut 2

  • awake Assistant by long pressing the virtual key ” Home »From Android (using your preferred method, such as the key phrase OK Google)
  • enter (or say) ” Google Assistant settings »In the interaction field
  • this key phrase opens a dialog that offers a link to the Google Assistant settings page. Tap above
  • pat on Routines in the menu that appears
  • choose the Routine for which you want a shortcut in tapping on it
  • in this new menu, look at the top of the screen: an icon with a smartphone screen and an arrow is present next to the button ” Eregister “. Press it
  • click add automatically (or long press the icon to choose where you want to position it). Here !
  • like all icons on the home screen, the shortcut of a Routine can be repositioned at will