Goodeed is an original, simple and transparent application to make free donations to NGOs and associations, in France and worldwide, and on many issues and problems today. 3 donations per day in a few minutes to actively participate in community life and help finance educational, social and environmental projects.

Watch ads for donations

Goodeed is an Android application, also available on iOS, which allows its users to make free donations to national and international associations and NGOs on all kinds of social, environmental, educational and humanitarian projects.

The principle is simple: the user can choose the association of his choice and make a free donation by simply watching a short advertisement of less than 20 seconds or by answering a question. Donations are limited to 3 per day and allow to finance solidarity projects without paying a cent.

Transparency is essential

Launched in 2014, the French start-up thus makes it possible to finance associations thanks to advertising contracts signed with advertisers and pubs viewed by donors. Regarding the distribution and donations made, the company offers activity reports and all donation certificates from the associations concerned on its website. Donors can thus consult a posteriori the donations made and the share given to the NGO or association. As well explained Goodeed, its advertising-related income is donated up to 60% to the association in question to finance its project, 30% for the development of Goodeed and finally 10% for communication.

Solidarity and varied projects

Within the limit of 3 donations per day, users can choose their projects and count among the most recognized NGOs such as the World Food Program, UNICEF, Secours Populaire or Apprentis d’Auteuil. We find among others projects to promote the socio-professional integration of young people, the funding of meals for the homeless or reforestation projects.

To add a little spice, the application offers to carry out various missions and pass levels. Aspects of the video game that are welcome to share its successes and increase the number of donors.