Gollum at the center of a new video game

Gollum at the center of a new video game

Daedalic Entertainment has just announced that it is embarking on the development of a new video game based on the Lord of the Rings universe. A title that promises to be particularly interesting, because it centers on the character of Gollum.

Lord of the rings gollum

Gollum should thus have its own game with adventures taking place between the discovery of the ring of power by Sméagol and the very beginning of the Lord of the rings: the Fellowship of the Ring. We should thus witness the gradual transformation of the hobbit which will later become the one known as Gollum.

The studio announced to be based on the books of J.R.R Tolkien to offer a story as faithful as possible on a character ultimately very little detailed in the various films of Peter Jackson. The title will exploit the Unreal Engine 4 and propose a "new economic model".

Daedalic Entertainment also specifies that the title will be more oriented towards narration than action with gameplay exploiting above all stealth. So no question of taking the recipe from Middle-earth, the Shadow of War. The release of the title is announced for 2021 on console and PC.