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Glonass compatible iPhone 4S, Russian GPS competitor

Glonass compatible iPhone 4S, Russian GPS competitor

The iPhone 4S is compatible with the Russian satellite navigation system Glonass, an addition strongly prompted by a policy of exemption from import taxes on the Russian market, estimated Thursday the Russian press.


The iPhone 4S, on sale since the past week in only seven countries (United States, France, Canada, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom and Australia), is compatible with the American GPS system but also with Glonass, its equivalent in Russia, Apple says on its website.

Compatibility with the two navigation systems increases its reliability: the smartphone detects twice as many satellites, estimates the daily Vedomosti, quoting Alexe Ushakov, director of a software company in Russia, Data +.

But the newspaper Kommersant stresses above all that thanks to Glonass the iPhone 4S will not be subjected to the customs duties which must be introduced in 2012 on the importation of telephones and the navigators equipped only with GPS.

According to a source in the government interviewed by Kommersant, these taxes could reach 25% of the price of the phone.

The iPhone 4S is expected to go on sale in Russia in November or December, and will cost around $ 1,000, sources cited by Kommersant said.

In fact, thanks to this function, Glonass, a system initially developed by the Soviet army in the 1980s, and which has only just become operational, enters for the first time on a mass market, underlines Vedomosti. The iPhone 4S has already sold more than 4 million copies.

Other phone manufacturers intend to equip their phones with Glonass compatible chips, such as the Finnish Nokia, the Japanese-South Sony Ericsson or the Chinese Huawei, said the director of the federal operator NISGlonass, Alexandre Gourko, Vedomosti.

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