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Glass iPhone 8 with double vertical photo sensor confirmed

macotakara iphone 8 maquette verre - L

macotakara iphone 8 maquette verre - L

A few days ago, diagrams showing a supposed iPhone 8 with a screen occupying the entire front of the phone, without any upper / lower band and without Home button, were shared on the Chinese social network Weibo. On the back, the smartphone had a double photo sensor positioned vertically. The presence of the Apple logo suggested that it was a drawing that had leaked from the brand’s future flagship iPhone.

macotakara iphone 8 glass model - The glass iPhone 8 with double vertical photo sensor is confirmedAlthough its authenticity has not yet been confirmed, the scheme has been taken up by a large part of the specialist media. Some designers were even inspired to make their own model of the iPhone 8. Recognized within the community of Apple users for the reliability of its information, the Asian site MacOtakara confirmed some details indicated by this famous sketch.

The 10-year-old iPhone 8’s dual camera would actually be in an upright position. The phone would be covered with a glass panel on its 2 sides, and a steel perimeter would serve as separation. Its design would be close to that of versions 4 and 4S of the iPhone. Finally, MacOtakara go further by announcing a screen OLED 2.5D flat with a slight curve at the edges.