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Give up your iPhone for a NoPhone!

nophone Give up your iPhone for a NoPhone!

Want to get rid of the addiction to your smartphone? The solution might be to buy you a NoPhone!

According to the American news site Daily Dot, the NoPhone is an original solution to fight addictions to mobile phones.

The NoPhone is actually a piece of plastic with the same shape and dimensions as a traditional smartphone. It does not have a screen or battery, and does not allow you to call or receive notifications. In short, its only function is a reflective sticker to stick on its face and which has the effect of a mirror (a way to alleviate the nostalgia of selfies).

nophone 2 Give up your iPhone for a NoPhone!

The goal of NoPhone is to become your surrogate companion so that you gradually get rid of addiction to your iPhone!

It was originally a project put online last October on the Kickstarter fundraising platform. Sold at $ 12 a piece (and $ 6 more for the mirror sticker), the NoPhone has so far generated more than 2,000 purchases and collected $ 18,000 (more than 14,400 euros).

So, ready to buy your NoPhone?


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