Getting started with the iPhone: our user guide

Getting started with the iPhone: our user guide

Have you just bought an iPhone recently and are you lost among all the features offered by your iPhone and the iOS operating system? Do not panic ! This user manual produced by Belgium iPhone will guide you through some essential steps to master the basic functions of your iPhone.

– Have you bought your iPhone from an authorized reseller in Belgium (Mobistar Center, Fnac, MediaMarkt, Apple Premium Reseller, etc.)?

Your iPhone's battery is already charged + / 50% of its maximum charge at the time of purchase, but your smartphone requires an activation that requires a computer running Mac OS X or Windows with iTunes software to carry out the operation. The latest version of iTunes is required. So please check the new versions available on Apple site or via the software update panel on your computer.

You must also have an iTunes account to activate your iPhone. Nothing could be simpler, download a free app from the App Store. iTunes will ask you to create an account and you can select it as a payment method: None. If you wish, you can enter a credit card number to make purchases but you can always add funds to your iTunes account using prepaid cards (available values: 15, 25 or 50), which you will mainly find in Carrefour stores.

Once all these steps are completed, connect your new iPhone to your computer. The latter will automatically display the various procedures for activating your iPhone and first synchronization (contacts, emails and music).

– Your iPhone comes from abroad and is blocked on an operator?

Depending on the version of iOS installed on your iPhone and the modem program number (baseband), you may be able to unlock your iPhone using Ultrasn0w. Each generation of iPhone and each version of iOS requires its own method to unlock your smartphone. Be aware, however, that some laces are not without risk and can cause various problems such as the failure of the GPS chip or Wi-Fi network problems. It is also strongly recommended not to update iOS on your iPhone ugly dUltrasn0w before a new unlocking method is available.

For more information on the unlocking method linked to your iOS version and your iPhone, we invite you to visit our tutorials page on the forum.

– Locate your iPhone in case of loss or theft!

If you bought an iPhone 4, you will be delighted to learn that you can use the Find my iPhone functionality which is part of the MobileMe services for free (soon replaced by iCloud). For other iPhone generations (3G and 3GS), a MobileMe subscription is necessary. If you do not have a MobileMe subscription for these iPhone generations, you will have to wait for diCloud to open in the fall.

To take advantage of this functionality for free on your iPhone 4, go to your iPhone settings in Settings-Mail Contacts Calendar. Then select Add a new account by checking the MobileMe choice (your AppleID for an iPhone 4 is enough, if not, use your existing MobileMe account). Once your account validated, select the MobileMe email account created on your iPhone. From this moment, you will be able to authorize the Find My iPhone functionality.

Then download the Find My iPhone app on the App Store (available free of charge). Enter your AppleID (or MobileMe) credentials. You will now be able to see your iPhone thanks to its GPS chip. In the event of a loss or theft, you can go to this page to track your iPhone. You can send a message on your smartphone, locate it (via the GPS chip or via Wi-Fi triangulation on a cellular network depending on coverage), or even determine a lock code to prevent reaching the home screen. You will also be able to remotely delete the content from your iPhone to prevent your data from falling into the wrong hands. Attention only, this last option will prevent you from tracking your iPhone later since it will be reset to 0 depending on the factory settings!

– What are the essential features?

If you opted for an iPhone 4, you have in your hands the most advanced Apple smartphone ever invented to date! Its possibilities are numerous and its computing power very significant thanks to its Apple A4 processor and its 512MB of RAM.

The iPhone 4 has its own features such as: video conferencing, recording high-definition videos, the presence of a flash to improve your photos during night shots or in darker environments, sharing your 3G connection via a network Wi-Fi or, quite simply, the Retina Display screen.

We are not going to explain the operation of each of the iPhone functionalities here, but to explain the bottom of some of them:

– FaceTime

Thanks to the iPhone 4, you can make video conference calls to people with an iPhone 4, a fourth-generation iPod Touch, an iPad 2 or even a Mac (equipped with Mac OS X 10.6 and a video camera).

During your first call, an SMS will be sent automatically by your iPhone to Apple's servers (located in England) to activate this feature on your iPhone. So don't be surprised if you see an SMS billed to abroad on your bill. The FaceTime service is a free service that does not count minutes on your voice plan. Apple does not yet allow video conferencing on 3G networks so you will need to connect to a Wi-Fi network to make such a call.

To launch a videoconference, nothing more simple, launch the Phone application, select a contact in your directory and once the call is initiated, you can select the FaceTime option which will switch the classic call to videoconference. Thereafter, you can directly initiate a video call from your contact's file in your telephone directory without having to make a conventional call.

Video conferencing isn't just about the FaceTime app. You can, of course, install applications compatible with the front camera such as Skype to chat with your contacts.

– Maps (and other navigation software) coupled with the compass.

Many people wonder what the compass can do for an average user. At first glance, it is particularly useful for hikers or gocachers. But Apple is not only targeting a niche of people with this feature, but all users. Indeed, the compass allows you to maintain your map, under Maps, Navigon, or even TomTom, always pointing in the direction in which you are. For example, under Maps, you only need to double-tap the location icon in the lower left to activate the compass.

– Voice commands.

Your iPhone responds to a few voice commands when you press and hold the Home button. You can thus dial a number very easily by pronouncing call followed by the name and first name of one of your contacts or by indicating to dial for a telephone number not appearing in your directory.

You can also get to know the artist of a song played on the iPod and change tracks.

If you want to know more about the possibilities offered by your iPhone, Apple offers a little guide flagship features of the iPhone.

– How do your applications purchased on the App Store work?

Your iPhone comes with several basic applications developed by Apple. But all the attraction of this smartphone is the possibility of using applications available on the online store called App Store. Your purchases are stored on your computer but you can, at any time and without having to repay a second time, reload your purchases (except for music whose purchase is unique and need to go back to the cashier to be able to download them again). The App Store applications can be installed up to 5 devices (iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch).

On the App Store, when you see an application with the + symbol, it means that it is compatible with iPhone and iPad. In other words, you only pay once for an app that will work natively on an iPhone and iPad.

– What applications should not be missed on the App Store?

With more than 500,000 applications available in the App Store, it becomes quite difficult to choose from this large catalog. However, there are essential applications for any iPhone owner.

– Navigation.

Thanks to its GPS chip, the iPhone can take you far, very far. And to achieve this, the manufacturers of navigation solutions have developed guidance applications. The big names present on the App Store are TomTom and Navigon. The two companies offer solutions for the Benelux at very attractive prices or for the whole of Europe. If you are already used to one of these two solutions, you will therefore find your happiness very easily.

TomTom stands out with its HD Traffic service (paid subscription of 4.99 / month) which allows you to know the traffic status in real time and the TomTom application will automatically recalculate your route accordingly.

Navigon has an equivalent service, dubbed Trafic Live (a one-time purchase of 19.99 is required) and allows Navigon to recalculate on a linear basis depending on traffic conditions. But this functionality is less advanced than in TomTom and it works mainly on major highways. Navigon also offers a 3D view of the maps for greater immersion in the landscape topography.

Navigon and TomTom integrate the maps needed for navigation. They therefore do not require a mobile internet connection (except for Traffic Live, HD Traffic, or Google searches).

The two services are equal and the competition is fierce. Many promotions are offered throughout the year so we can advise you to wait for one of these promotions if you are not in a hurry to buy a navigation solution for your iPhone. Belgium iPhone indicates will inform you in due time about these promotions.

– News.

Do you want to stay up to date with the latest news? Nothing could be simpler, several daily newspapers, including The evening (free) or the newspapers of the Sud Presse group, etc. are available on the App Store.

You will mainly find the information published on the websites of these daily newspapers and, for some of them, including Le Soir, you will have the possibility of consulting the newspaper in PDF format.

These different applications require an internet connection but, in most cases, you will be able to bring the items back to your smartphone in order to view them offline.

Do you prefer television news? No problem! Several TV channels offer their applications on the App Store. To name only Belgium, you will find the applications of the channels RTBF (free) and RTL-TVI (Free). The latter offer you the latest news on their website, but also consultation of the different television newspapers and weather bulletins.

If you prefer the international press, you will have no worries you get the application BBC News, USA Today, The New York Times, Le, Le Figaro.

For international television news, France 24 and euronews are the two essential applications on the App Store (and in French). You will be able to follow the programs live or review (in the case of France 24), a program requests it.

– Video games.

Do you like to spend some time playing video games? The App Store has a large catalog of games from major companies: Electronic Arts, Gameloft, Rockstar games or even small firms like Firemint or (Angry Birds). There are games for all types of players with prices ranging from 0.79 to 7.99 on average. Many games are available for promotion or free for a short time. Belgium iPhone will not fail to notify you of these promotions in due time

– Photography.

The basic camera of your iPhone allows you to take photos but without the possibility of retouching these snapshots. Many applications in the App Store allow you to give effects and even share them with those around you.

So, Halftone (0.79) allows you to give an effect strip draws your images. Photosynth offers free to create 360 ​​panoramas and helps you get there in a very simple way. Adobe photoshop express (free) is the ultimate tool for editing your photographs.

– Video.

Filming unusual moments or unmissable moments in your life is all possible thanks to the iPhone 4. The Camera application supplied with your iPhone 4 allows you to film in high definition (720p). Apple does not stop there since they offer their famous consumer editing software: iMovie (3.99). You can share your creation directly on Youtube, Facebook, by MMS or by email.

Are you a little more artistic and want something more original? iTimeLapse Pro Time Laps Videos will help you. This paid application (1.59) allows you to create stop-motion videos, either image by image.

– Office automation.

Need to edit a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation quickly enough and don't have a computer on hand? Your iPhone will certainly be able to help you! Indeed, Apple offers the software of its famous iWork suite: Pages (equivalent to Word),Numbers (equivalent to Excel) and Keynote (equivalent to PowerPoint) for 7.99 each (universal applications compatible with iPhone / iPad).

Editing a document has never been so easy!

– Social networks.

Do we still have to present Facebook or Twitter ? You can follow your friends and send tweets wherever you want! With your iPhone in your pocket, you can share all the moments of your life with those around you.

The App Store has seen the birth of new social networks such as Foursquare and Instagram. Foursquare allows you to check where you are. Your contacts therefore know, at all times, where you are. You go to the restaurant and you want to share the cuisine that you have tasted, Foursquare is the ideal companion during your travels. Instagramm offers a different approach: take a photo of a moment you want to capture, give it an effect, and share it with your friends.

All these applications are, of course, free.

– Messaging.

The major online messaging services are, of course, available on the App Store. You will be spoiled for choice between Windows Live Messenger (free), Yahoo! Messenger (free), Skype (free), fring (free), Trillian (free), etc

But the App Store will still bring you a different experience thanks to the specifically developed applications for Apple devices like WhatsApp Messenger (0.79) which allows conversing between owners of pomms devices or Viber (free) which allows you to make free phone calls between iPhone holders.

You will understand, the iPhone will allow you to redefine the way you communicate.

– Music.

Are you a real music lover and you can't go a minute without listening to some music? The iPod application, supplied by default with any iPhone fulfills this function perfectly.

Do you listen to the radio or music during an evening and you no longer come across the name of the artist or the song? Shazam Encore (4.99) and SoundHound (5.49) will allow you to fill your memory hole. You just have to listen to the music on your iPhone using one of these two applications for which it gives you the artist name, the title and even the album.

You will have noticed that your iPhone does not have an FM radio. This is a desire from Apple and one of the features often expected with each new generation. Know that you can overcome this problem thanks to the free application which gives you access to the majority of radio stations in Belgium. The problem with this solution is that it requires a permanent internet connection. To save your mobile internet plan, choose a Wi-Fi network access!

– Finances.

Small investor or large investor? You will find the necessary applications.

To be aware of the stock market in real time, the application Bloomberg (free) is best indicated.

Do you simply want to check your bank account balance or carry out transactions? There are applications such as (Free) My BNP Paribas Accounts (free) or Dexia BIL (Free)

– Sports.

Are you a sports fan? You will be served because many applications allow you to know the results and sports news of many disciplines. We can cite, in particular, 2011 (Free) Mobile (Free) The tour of France (0.79) F1 2011 Timing App Championship Pass (25.99) Belgacom 11 (Free) Eurosport (Free) WRC 2011 (Free) Live Timing MotoGP 2011 Official Premium Pass (18.99) Roland Garros 2011 (Free) Wimbledon (Free) RTL Sport (Free)

What if you do sports? There are also apps for your workouts and to record your performance. So you will find the application Nike + GPS (1.59) for your running sessions or even RunKeeper (free) for your walks, foot races, bike rides, etc. in order to keep track of your route, average speed, total speed, etc.

– Trip.

LiPhone can allow you to carry with you impressive travel guides. Indeed, the App Store is full of guides such as the Little Fut (0.79 / guide), the guides Via Michelin (from 4.99 14.99 / guide) or the guides Lonely Planet (from free 4.99).

– Technology.

Belgium iPhone has its own iPhone application. This will allow you to consult the news published on the blog, to interact there and to connect to the forum. In case of problems, you will always have the opportunity to ask for help, wherever you are, on Belgium iPhone, thanks to the free application that we offer.

– Mobile Internet, watch your consumption!

Lidal to make the most of your iPhone is to opt for a package allowing you to surf the mobile internet. There are formulas to pair on your traditional subscription or all-in-one solutions (voice-sms-mobile internet) from the three national operators. It is also possible to take advantage of the mobile internet if you use a prepaid card.

Be careful only when you surf the mobile internet! Consider taking a package tailored to your needs. If you are more interested in consulting your emails, consulting your rss, moon or other web page feeds or consulting some content via applications from the App Store, packages of 100 or 250MB will suffice. However, if you want to watch videos via YouTube, Dailymotion, etc. or initiate video calls via Skype or Fring, your package may melt like snow in the sun. So think about taking a package that is well suited to your needs and finding out as much as possible about the offers available from your operator.

Also never lose sight of your operator's network coverage. Thus, Proximus (and its virtual operators) will give you the best 3G coverage in the country. Unfortunately, in the uncovered areas, you will come across GPRS which has a very slow data transmission rate. Mobistar (and its virtual operators) will provide you with average 3G coverage but, on the other hand, you will more easily come across an EDGE network in the event of loss of the 3G network. For BASE (and its virtual operators), this operator will provide you with the best EDGE coverage in the country with low 3G coverage in some major cities in the country.

You will understand, the choice of operator is not light and even more vis-à-vis the solutions offered. So, if you want to use your iPhone as a 3G modem in Bluetooth, USB or Wi-Fi, you will need to take a package from Proximus or BASE. Mobistar does not offer solutions to iPhone holders.

– Are you going abroad? Watch out for mobile internet!

The roaming packages for mobile internet are, for the three national operators, quite expensive. If you want to go on vacation and continue surfing, find out if you can take advantage of a Wi-Fi network on site. If you only have to collect a few emails, a small roaming package of 10 or 50MB should suffice. If you wish to surf more abroad, we strongly advise you to opt for a prepaid card from a local operator which will allow you to surf cheaper and with a much more comfortable volume on the mobile Internet.

Finally, if you are sure not to surf the mobile internet, simply deactivate these features in Settings-General-Network: Activate 3G, Cellular data and Data abroad. If you are a little paranoid, you can falsify the mobile internet access point in the Cellular network menu. To do so, simply change a letter or two from the access point and your iPhone will therefore be unable to connect to the mobile internet without your consent.

– What is the jailbreak for?

You will certainly have heard of the jailbreak in your entourage or on the internet. But what is it specifically? The jailbreak makes it possible to go beyond Apple's software restrictions on iOS in order to make improvements to the system thanks to an alternative App Store: Cydia. Apple leaves a fairly limited margin to iOS developers and those who do not meet these criteria are expelled from the App Store. This is how these third-party applications are available via Cydia and allow you to modify the system more or less in depth to give it another appearance, for example, to unlock certain functionalities such as file sharing via Bluetooth, to add shortcuts, and of course still other things.

If you have your very first iPhone and are barely getting started with it, we recommend that you first wait before jailbreaking your smartphone. Indeed, the needs to use the jailbreak decrease as Apple adds new iOS features and the only way to know if the jailbreak is essential for you is to use your iPhone with the operating system, unmodified, from Apple.

If this seems too restrictive, Belgium iPhone offers a whole series of comprehensive and very easy to use tutorials. Be aware however that once your iPhone is jailbreak, we invite you to avoid updating your iPhone to a new iOS version before new jailbreak solutions appear because the jailbreak must be executed each update (minor as major) iOS.

– If the jailbreak does not suit you?

No problem! You can go back at any time by restoring your iPhone with original firmware via iTunes.

– Are you lost? Dempempar following a software or hardware problem where you want to share your experience?

The whole team of Belgium iPhone puts their knowledge at your disposal to help you and find a solution (before, perhaps, a referral to after-sales service). There are no right or wrong questions, there will always be answers to your questions. Do not hesitate to join our large community where you will discover many tips, tutorials, news of all kinds and classifieds.