Geskin shows us a white iPhone XIR

Geskin shows us a white iPhone XIR

iphone xr iconRevoil the third thief of 2019, the iPhone XIR. This still Benjamin Geskin who offers us images of an iPhone XI R in white color. He had recently compared the back of the iPhone XI and XS and then explained that Apple was moving towards a back-to-back tone-on-tone photo block with its iPhone from the start of the 2019 school year.

This time, it is not a question of admiring the high-end models XI and XI Max, but indeed the successor of the iPhone XR.

An iPhone XIR without surprise

The images do not reveal a model on the run, but a prototype made from the numerous information from the supply chains. The future iPhone XR, certainly called iPhone XIR, is shown here in white. The big pav that now includes two lenses and a flash – the current XR as well as a camera – is no longer treated with black film but appears in white. It may be better for the overall design, but it will have to be confirmed in real life.

For the rest, we learn nothing more than what we have already detailed on the iPhone XIR. Apple should release a model relatively close to the 2018 models, with a slightly more substantial battery and some adjustments. The big changes will take place on the iPhone 12 in 2020. Everyone agrees on this point.

Do you like the style of the iPhone XI R?

iphone xir xi r white proto geskiniphone xir xi r white proto geskin 1