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German operator opens iPhone 11 reservations

German operator opens iPhone 11 reservations

iphone xi iphone 11 iconWhile it hasn't even been announced, a German operator is opening reservations for the next generation iPhone that is expected to be on September 10. We are obviously talking about the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro.

Telekom operator opens reservations for iPhone 11

The announcement of the iPhone XI should be made from here the next weeks. However, some can no longer wait and the German operator seems to have understood this! offers its customers to reserve the iPhone 11 to be the first in the long list of shipments that the operator will make when it receives stocks. This operation respects the secret around the iPhone 11 / XI, since the German operator has been careful not to disclose any information on the next iPhone. No price, no features, no name… have not been communicated! Even if we already have our idea since we found information from props with the names iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and iPhone 11.

German operator opens iPhone Xi reservation

Are consumers really ready to book something that hasn't been announced?

Some will tell you that it is madness to reserve a smartphone when it has not even been announced yet. Others will tell you that it is a good idea especially since there is obviously no payment to be made!
The second reasoning is correct. There are only advantages to this kind of reservation. invites its customers book not pre-order the iPhone. If you don't like the iPhone 11 during the announcement by Tim Cook and his team, you can simply to cancel your reservation! However, if the iPhone XI meets your expectations, you will have made your reservation and your address will be on the first packages to be shipped by the German operator.

We hope that SFR, Bouygues Tlcom, Orange or Free Mobile will also want to make their buzz and launch the reservation of the iPhone 11 in the coming days.