GeForce RTX, Radeon RX… Asus to increase prices due to trade war

Asus has announced an increase in the price of certain PC components in 2021. For the moment, only graphics cards and motherboards are affected by this increase. The customs tariffs and the logistical concerns caused by the coronavirus are to be pointed out.

Credit: Asus

2021 is off to a bad start for fans of Asus products. If you were going to build a new PC by favoring the products of the Taiwanese manufacturer, you will have to inflate your budget. Indeed, Asus announced increase the prices of some of its components this year. The cause is to be found on the side of customs fees, logistical concerns and the coronavirus

Juan Jose Guerrero, Product Manager at Asus, announced it on Facebook. The price increase will be effective from the start of 2021 but will only concern two types of products for the moment: graphics cards and motherboards. The cost of logistics which is singled out. With the Covid-19 crisis, it is becoming more and more difficult, and therefore more and more expensive, to move goods from one end of the planet to the other. In addition, there are significant customs fees. This price increase could therefore last until the crisis ends if all goes well. We can also expect to see other products of the brand increase soon, also being impacted by the situation.

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Nvidia, AMD, Sony and Microsoft already affected by the crisis

The coronavirus has had a huge impact on the tech world in recent months. Asus is not the only one in this case and we can see other manufacturers follow his example. The crisis has already been felt on other IT products. We think in particular of graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia, which are experiencing major supply concerns. The same goes for more specific products like consoles. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are also experiencing serious shortages.

It will therefore be necessary to slightly increase its budget if you want to build a PC in 2021. Now it remains to know how big will this increase be and whether Asus, as well as the other brands to follow, will be quick to lower prices once the logistical concerns have been resolved.

Source: Juan Jose Guerrero