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Gboard: Google launches Emoji Kitchen, create your own mojis on Android

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Gboard, Google's virtual keyboard is updated on Android and introduces a new fun feature. Called Emoji Kitchen, it lets you create emoji combinations to express your emotions in a hilarious way.

Gboard Emoji Kitchen

Gboard already has hundreds of mojis that cover all kinds of facial expressions and emotions imaginable. And as if that were not enough, Google has just launched a brand new feature that allows you to match two different models to get a branded version. Several combinations are possible for the same moji and even for certain stickers, which makes it possible to multiply the expressions that can be used.

You can use them with all messaging apps, from WhatsApp Telegram to Facebook Messenger, to name a few. Create the perfect reaction that matches your current motion. Most mojis are compatible with the Emoji Kitchen feature, but not all.

How to use Emoji Kitchen in Gboard?

It's simple, a new space now appears just above the virtual keyboard. When you select a moji in Gboard, several possible combinations are suggested in the new frame. The smiley icon can for example wear glasses or a cowboy hat. Here are two examples among hundreds of possible combinations for all compatible mojis.

The idea seems to be inspired by bot Emoji Mashup on Twitter which offers a very similar functionality with a multitude of out of the ordinary emjis, some of which can be used with iMessage on iOS. Google has announced that Emoji Kitchen is deployed today on Gboard. Only Android users are affected at this time.

The functionality is active on the server side, but to get it as quickly as possible, you can join the Gboard beta on Android and enjoy the latest virtual keyboard news without waiting.