Gameloft launches its own service

Gameloft under the control of Vivendi, Ubisoft next on the list

Vivendi Pro logoThese days, the outcome of the showdown between the Vivendi group and the Guillemot family for control of the company Gameloft, specializing in mobile games, seemed pretty obvious. With the support of Amber Capital, which had recently decided to sell its 14.62% stake, Vivendi was almost certain to achieve its ends. And the good thing to be confirmed by Vivendi. After Amber Capital, other shareholders have indeed followed suit, allowing it to arrive at the majority of control. Only an invalidation of the takeover bid, for compliance reasons, could now change the situation. A court decision is expected in September.

Vivendi will now tackle the other company of the Guillemot brothers, namely Ubisoft with franchises such as Assassin's Creed and Far Cry, which is, according to observers, its real target, Gameloft having only served to destabilize and to blow up the first lock. The latest news, he has some 17.7% and hopes to get a seat on the board. The size is not the same, however. Ubisoft's valuation reaches 3.57 billion euros, more than five times that of Gameloft.