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Gameloft carries the Littlest Pet Shop franchise on iOS

Gameloft carries the Littlest Pet Shop franchise on iOS

Ultra-popular a few years ago, the Littlest Pet Shop series had succeeded in making some forays into portable consoles thanks to the popularity of Nintendo consoles. Today, Gameloft announced that it is busy carrying the franchise on iOS.


Littlest Pet Shop was originally a line of toys in the form of cute little creatures, which have been available in a variety of games on Nintendo platforms.

Visually, this porting of the franchise to iOS will keep the colorful and very cute universe of Pet Shop, with a horizontal progression, the possibility of collecting up to 150 creatures, participating in mini-games and accelerating your progress in the game. through in-app purchases. Free to download, Littlest Pet Shop will be a freemium game. A format that has already proven its profitability on iOS for this target audience, especially with the very popular Smurf’s Village. Expected release next November 22.

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