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Game of the day: Table Tennis Touch (iPhone & iPad – free)

My name is Waff. Wiff Waff. I’m here to consolidate your forehand and straighten your backhand. I am your favorite coach, a robot you can count on, always by your side when you climb the rankings. And I am rather tough … No choice, since with Table Tennis Touch, you will face the best players in merciless clashes around the world: sports complexes, community halls, bars and even discos in a neon atmosphere.

table tennis touch app - Game of the day: Table Tennis Touch (iPhone & iPad - free)

To say that Table Tennis Touch is just a simple ping pong game would be reductive as the quality offered here extends to all areas: excellent graphics, squeaky floors, many game modes and essential tutorials to help you to learn the basics. Arcade mode, for example, will allow you to improve your skills through different difficulty levels, ranging from match to cool to Olympic.

Throughout the games, you will be faced with various challenges: solo challenges, tournaments, leagues and other competitions by invitation. You therefore progress as your competitors become more and more difficult to beat. And with online and local multiplayer, you will never run out of opponents.

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