Galaxy Z Fold 3: Samsung would hide the fingerprint reader under the foldable screen

The Galaxy Z Fold 3, Samsung’s next foldable smartphone, would be equipped with a fingerprint reader hidden under the screen. For the first time, the South Korean firm would slide the biometric sensor under a foldable touch screen. It is also rumored that the Z Fold 3 would also be compatible with the S-Pen stylus.

Galaxy z fold 2

According to a handful of leaks relayed by our colleagues from Android Headlines, Samsung is currently testing a technology to slide the fingerprint sensor under a foldable screen. The latest results obtained by the group’s laboratories would be conclusive. Under these conditions, Samsung should integrate this reader into its next foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Z Fold 3. As a reminder, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 must still be satisfied with an integrated reader on the edge.

The South Korean firm would use the same ultrasonic fingerprint reader as the one already present under the screen of the Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra. Designed by Qualcomm, this fingerprint sensor is 77% larger and 50% faster than the generation found in the S20 / Note 20. Initially, this module would be reserved for the highest folding devices. catalog range.

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S-Pen stylus and under-screen photo sensor for the Galaxy Z Fold 3

That’s not all. Still according to information collected by Android Headlines, Samsung would accompany the Galaxy Z Fold 3 with an S-Pen stylus. The brand would provide this accessory, until the prerogative of the Galaxy Note range, directly in the box. A drawer in the structure of the foldable smartphone will store and recharge the S-Pen stylus, as on the Note. As a reminder, Samsung has taken a different approach with the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The company preferred to offer the accessory separately at a price of 40 euros.

Finally, the Galaxy Z Fold would be the first smartphone from Samsung to be equipped with a front camera hidden under the screen. After several years of development, the manufacturer would have finally managed to design a convincing solution. In the last news, Samsung would present the Galaxy Z Fold 3 in the summer of 2021. Despite its many new features, the Z Fold 3 would be sold at a similar price to its predecessor.

Source: Android Headlines