Galaxy Z Fold 3: Samsung has not planned to review its price, it will be as expensive as the Z Fold 2

The price of future Galaxy Folds will not be lowered, contrary to what was announced. The Mauri QHD leaker has indeed unveiled that the next foldable smartphone from Samsung will be sold at the same price as the Galaxy Z Fold 2, around € 2000. A fairly unsurprising strategy on the part of the Korean firm, although its products are overpriced.

Samsung galaxy fold 2
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

It was believed that the price of foldable smartphones would drop over the years to accommodate less fortunate wallets. It seems that Samsung has other ideas in mind, according to leaker Mauri QHD. “Fold 3. Same price for the time being”, he simply announced on Twitter referring to the current Galaxy Z Fold 2.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 will therefore take the (very) high-end standards of its predecessor, sold at 2020 € all the same on the manufacturer’s site. Good news though, Samsung has no plans to increase the price for the next model. For now at least, since Mauri QHD clarified that “even [sa] source Hades, who currently has a score of 100% on 5 leaks, [lui] said to take this information with a grain of salt ”.

The price of Galaxy Fold is not about to drop

We can therefore expect relatively similar prices as the current generation for the 5 foldable smartphones that Samsung would launch in 2021. Among these, we will probably find more affordable models like the Z Flip 2 and maybe the Z Flip Lite. However, we cannot really count on Samsung to make foldable phones a technology accessible to all in the coming years.

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However, this strategy is not really a surprise. The brand’s smartphones have always increased in price over time. In addition, the Korean firm has so far no real competitor on the foldable telephone sector, which logically does not push it to lower its prices. At this point, only the future will tell if other manufacturers will be interested in the device, thus lowering its price.