Galaxy Z Fold 3: S-Pen, selfie sensor under the screen … this concept will make you dream

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is already starting to tickle the imagination of Samsung fans. A designer had fun imagining what the smartphone might look like in a 3D video. We see a terminal very similar to the Z Fold 2, but this time with a stylus and a front camera under the screen.

Galasy Fold 3
Credit: LetsGoDigital

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 should logically be released this year, if all goes well. At the moment, we have no information on the phone in question, either from official sources or through leaks. This allows designers to let go when they imagine the future product.

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Concept Creator, in partnership with the famous LetsGoDigital site, imagined what the smartphone could look like. The result is shown in a video of just under two minutes. No surreal fantasies here, since we have a (fake) product which is very similar to the Z Fold 2, released last September.

The Z Fold 3 will be presented during the summer

We can see a design similar to that of the S21 (still unofficial), especially at the rear camera. Regarding the front camera, Concept Creator imagines a sensor directly placed under the screen, and therefore invisible. This allows a continuous display when the user opens their smartphone. If the technology does exist today, it may still be too early to see it arrive on the Z Fold 3. But who knows? Maybe we will have the right? The smartphone adopts more rounded shapes, to mark its difference from the Z Fold 2, and also includes an S-Pen. A novelty that we could see coming, given that Samsung seems to only reserve it for the Note range. The S21 Ultra is compatible according to the latest leaks, for example.

A beautiful concept that lacks however a little something to make us dream. If Samsung keeps its cruising speed, the Z Fold 3 should be announced during the summer, at the same time as the Note 21 which has been confirmed by Samsung. Moreover, LetsGoDigital had also imagined the latter in a concept.

And you, what would you like to see on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (other than a more reasonable price)? Tell us in the comments !