Galaxy Z Fold 2: air bubbles invade the screen, Samsung remains unanswered

Several Galaxy Z Fold 2 users complain about the appearance of numerous air bubbles on the screen of the foldable smartphone. According to them, the problem could be at the origin of the Flex Mode and the second protection of the panel.

z fold 2 bubbles
Credit: Samsung

We remember that the beginnings of the Galaxy Fold, the first foldable smartphone from Samsung, were complicated. The fault of a technology not completely developed and a particularly fragile screen. Many American journalists accidentally broke their Galaxy Fold after just a few hours of testing.

In truth, the testers mistakenly tore off one of the screen layers. Layer they had confused with a simple protective film. With the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Samsung has learned the lesson and erased the flaws of the Galaxy Fold. Thus, the Galaxy Z Fold 2 has a larger external screen, covers the internal screen with UTG glass protection (Ultra Thin Glass) and opted for a new hinge, both more robust and better protected against foreign bodies (dust, sand, earth, etc.).

In addition, Samsung has added an extra layer of protection on the top of the screen. Note that it is possible to remove it, even if the manufacturer invites you to go to a specialized establishment to proceed with the maneuver properly. Only recently, it seems that this additional layer of protection is more crippling than anything else.

z fold 2 bubbles
Credit: SamMobile

Indeed, several Galaxy Z Fold 2 owners have complained on Reddit and other forums that air bubbles appeared under this famous protective layerespecially when near the fold area. It is impossible to know for the moment why these bubbles are massing towards this precise place of the slab. For users, repeated folding and unfolding in Flex mode should weaken this protective layer over the long term, allowing a little air to pass through.

Indeed, even a microscopic hole would be sufficient to cause the appearance of these bubbles between the screen and the protective layer. Nevertheless and as said previously, the good news is that it is possible to remove this protective layer, provided you have a minimum of skill. In addition, it is not a hardware problem, in other words, the smartphone remains fully functional, even with a few bubbles in front of the screen.

So far, Samsung has not officially communicated on the subject, and we will update this article as soon as we have more details. And you, have you encountered a similar problem with your Galaxy Z Fold 2? Tell us in the comments.

Source: SamMobile