Galaxy SmartTag: Samsung would also launch a more premium “SmartTag +” model

Samsung will launch its Galaxy SmartTag at the same time as the Galaxy S21 on January 14, 2021. A more premium “SmartTag +” version would also be offered. Among the features, these trackers will offer Privacy ID, end-to-end encryption, and simplified pairing with Galaxy smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag SmartTag +
Credits: 91 Mobiles

The year 2021 will be the year of object tracers or not. These devices have been around for quite some time – especially at Tile or French Wistiki. But we expect a lot of version of these objects manufactured directly by the manufacturers of smartphones.

For the past few months, Apple has therefore been expected to launch its own trackers, the AirTags. But Samsung should be the first big smartphone manufacturer to launch its own, called SmartTags. Samsung is indeed expected to launch its trackers at the same time as the Galaxy S21 on January 14, 2021.

Galaxy SmartTag +: a more premium version of the connected tracker

A report taken up by 91 Mobiles reveals thatthere will be two variants, called SmartTag (EI-T5300) and SmarTag + (EI-7300). The “+” version will be more premium, without knowing exactly what differentiates them. SmartTags should offer thesimplified pairing with Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Imagine a system similar to the Galaxy Buds: you just have to bring the device closer for a notification to appear on its own on your smartphone, offering you to pair it:

All these trackers will guarantee the security of your location data thanks to Privacy ID and the end-to-end data encryption.

We imagine that the SmartTag + version will benefit from one or two additional features, or more simply of a removable battery if we base ourselves on the segmentation retained by Tile for example. 91 Mobile also reveals that the SmartTag measures 4 x 4 x 1 cm which looks very big and thick, but we’ll see on January 14 if this is confirmed – and weighs 13 grams.

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The device would be offered from 15 euros in Europe, which corresponds more or less to the price of competing proposals currently on the market. It remains to be seen how these new sensors will really reinvent the genre …

Source: 91 Mobiles