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Galaxy S6 ad: Samsung makes fun of Apple’s iPhone 6 wired chargers

Galaxy S6 ad: Samsung makes fun of Apple's iPhone 6 wired chargers

Galaxy S6 ad: Samsung makes fun of Apple's iPhone 6 wired chargers


Posted: June 29 2015
Updated: June 29, 2015

by Mehdi

When it comes to demeaning Apple, Samsung never get tired. In recent times, the South Korean firm has been attacking Apple through advertising, which some people sometimes find in very bad taste. Nevertheless, they interest (and entertain) a large number of Internet users, and this is of course what the rival of the American giant is looking for.

Samsung Advertisement - Galaxy S6 Advertisement: Samsung Mocks Apple's iPhone 6 Wired Chargers

In his latest spot titled “Change The Way You Charge”(“Change the way you charge”), Samsung reviews iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus wired chargers Apple. The idea is to highlight the wireless charging offered by Galaxy S6, latest smartphones from the Asian manufacturer. The video openly makes fun of people who still use ordinary cables, and illustrates the various constraining situations they may encounter.

We can observe in the video a user who spills his glass by turning off the alarm clock on his iPhone 6 connected to charger Lightning, or a woman who takes out of her bag a whole paraphernalia of intertwined cables. The hyperbolic aspect of advertising does not go unnoticed, as does the irony that emerges from it.

Apple has not once again reacted to this provocation. We couldn’t ask for more from the Californian, who once again demonstrated great diplomacy in the face of his competitor. However, Samsung should be careful not to venture too far into this area, or the Cupertino company may well initiate new legal proceedings…