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Galaxy S21 Ultra: Samsung will soon launch an S-Pen Pro stylus with Bluetooth

Samsung will soon launch an S-Pen Pro stylus to accompany the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This Pro edition of the famous stylus will be compatible with Bluetooth, unlike the standard version of the accessory.

Galaxy s21
The S21 Ultra can be equipped with a shell to store the S-Pen

This Thursday, January 14, Samsung finally lifted the veil on the Galaxy S21. For the first time, a smartphone from the Galaxy S range is compatible with the S-Pen stylus, the flagship accessory for Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab tablets. The stylus is only available with S21 Ultra, the most upscale model of this new generation.

Sold separately at a price of 40 euros, the S-Pen stylus can be stored in a protective shell compatible with the S21 Ultra. Unlike the Note, the S21 Ultra is not equipped with a storage drawer for the stylus. Unfortunately, the stylus offered by Samsung does the deadlock on certain key features related to Bluetooth and the new One UI 3.0 overlay. The accessory is indeed devoid of Bluetooth connectivity.

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Samsung announces Bluetooth-enabled S-Pen Pro stylus

For users keen to take advantage of it, Samsung announced the arrival of a Bluetooth version of the stylus, the S-Pen Pro, later in the year. This stylus has “Additional bluetooth functions”, explains the manufacturer in a press release. “You can take group selfies with just a click of the stylus” Samsung details. Concretely, it is possible to remotely control certain features of the smartphone with the stylus, as is the case since the Note 9.

The manufacturer also specifies that the S-Pen Pro is “A little longer and thicker for a better grip” than the standard S-Pen. We obviously expect that Samsung offers this S-Pen Pro on other smartphones in its catalog, including the hypothetical Galaxy Note 21, or the Galaxy Z Fold 3, its next foldable smartphone.

Note that the S-Pen stylus that accompanies the older Galaxy Note (before Note 9) and Galaxy Tab is compatible with the S21 Ultra. Not surprisingly, however, you will not be able to take advantage of the S-Pen Pro’s Bluetooth features. For that, you will have to go back to the cash register. The South Korean brand has yet to reveal the price of the Pro version of the stylus.