Galaxy S21 Ultra: here is the S-Pen stylus sold for 40 € as an option

The Galaxy S21 Ultra will be well compatible with the S-Pen stylus, the flagship accessory of the Note range. Samsung will market this optional accessory for less than 40 € in Europe. The manufacturer will also offer a protective shell to easily transport the stylus with the smartphone.

galaxy s21 ultra stylus option

For the first time, Samsung will offer the S-Pen stylus on a Galaxy S. Until now, the accessory has remained the preserve of Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab tablets. However, only the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the most premium model in the range, will be compatible with the stylus.

Unlike the Note, the S21 Ultra will not be not delivered with the stylus included in the box. Users wishing to purchase the stylus will need to checkout and purchase the accessory separately. According to the indiscretions of Roland Quandt, journalist at WinFuture, Samsung would also market the S-Pen stylus dedicated to the S21 Ultra to a price of 40 € on the European market. In the process, the informant publishes the first official photo of the stylus. The stylus design is very reminiscent of the stylus that accompanies the Galaxy Tab tablets.

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Samsung cases with storage drawer for the S-Pen stylus

Likewise, the S21 Ultra will not be equipped with a drawer allowing the storage (and recharging) of the S-Pen stylus to be slid within the structure. Historically, a drawer allows users of a Galaxy Note to store the accessory within the smartphone. To compensate for the absence of this storage drawer, Samsung will market a series of cases equipped with a dedicated S-Pen slot.

To prove his point, Roland Quandt publishes several official photos of a flip case with an integrated storage drawer. This drawer sits in the hinge that allows the shell to fold and fold. De facto, this case is wider than the other protections sold by Samsung.

The brand should offer packs including the S21 Ultra, the S-Pen stylus and a shell compatible with the accessory, said the informant. We will know more on January 14, 2021, dated the official presentation of the Galaxy S21 (S30). While waiting for more information, feel free to give your opinion in the comments below.

galaxy s21 samsung case

Source: Winfuture